See The Best Rankings With This WoW Classic Tier List

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The different possibilities that WoW Classic offers can be overwhelming for new players who want to enter this wonderful and fantastic world, so many of them can make wrong decisions that make it much more difficult to improve and have a character capable of being at the same level of others.

Although there are not as many classes in WoW Classic as in the current World of Warcraft, those who are not familiar with RPGs can be innocent and choose one of the worst classes in the game without knowing it, being guided by their appearance or by features that look interesting to the naked eye but don’t work properly in the game.

For this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing you this Tier List made by HD Gamers in which lists all the game classes with different levels, so you’ll have at your fingertips all the information you need to choose wisely which faction you want to belong in World of Warcraft Classic.

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S Level: This ranking represents the most powerful characters in the WoW Classic universe and the best faction in the entire game for all its characteristics

A Level: In this group, you will find characters that represent a good choice but for small details, they are located one level below the best, although they can perform very well in all roles of the game.

B Level: Level B characters don’t offer any notable advantages, although they do have abilities that can be useful when trying to compete once they have been chosen. However, they are not a smart or convenient decisión for new players.

C Level: Level C characters are the weakest in the game and are not useful at all unless you have vast experience in the WoW Classic universe and know how to take advantage of its very few good features.


Wow Classic Tier List: Factions.


– S Level: Orcs.

– A Level: Undead.

– B Level: Trolls

– C Level: Tauren


– S Level: Humans

– A Level: Dwarfs

– B Level: Elves

– C Level: Goblins


WoW Classic Tier List: Classes.

– S Level:

  •  Warriors (Difficulty leveling up: Medium)
  •  Priests (Difficulty leveling up: Medium)


– A Level:

  •  Magician (Difficulty leveling up: Easy)
  •  Rogue (Difficulty leveling up: Easy)
  •  Wizard (Difficulty leveling up: Medium)’


– B Level

  •  Shaman (Difficulty leveling up: Hard)
  •  Paladin (Difficulty leveling up: Hard)


– C Level.

  •  Druid (Difficulty leveling up: Hard)
  •  Hunter (Difficulty leveling up: Easy)


(Contributed by José D. Villalobos; Edited by Hermes_Fang)
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