Madden NFL 21 – Ultimate Kickoff Program

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Madden NFL 21 is celebrating the start of the NFL season with the Ultimate Kickoff Event. The first game of the season is between the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. The event introduces a new currency. Take part in the program to earn footballs that will allow you to obtain event players and team performance tokens.

Check out the new sets that come with the event. Complete a set and you will get a reward. The 88 OVR Hero set allows you to get one of the four 88 OVR Hero players; you need to turn in one 85 OVR player, two 83 OVR players, and four players from Ultimate Kickoff that have 81 OVR to get the 88 OVR player. If you have hero tokens you might want to check the 88 OVR Hero NAT set.

You can acquire such a player in exchange for two tokens. You will obtain one token by taking part in event challenges and another from H2H house rules each week. The new event currency is called Football. Get team performance tokens for football and exchange them for performance collectibles. The collectible upgrades or downgrades depending on the team’s performance on the real football field.

Moreover, each NFL team has an associated collectible item. This set is called Team Performance Collectibles. The fourth set allows you to get 90 OVR Master Byron Jones. You will need to collect all four Ultimate Kickoff heroes. In exchange for Gurley, Ngakoue, Williams, and Joseph you will obtain Byron Jones and his power up item. As a bonus, you can choose two of the heroes to return as NAT versions.

The Ultimate Kickoff Program comes with new challenges. The Ultimate Kickoff Solo challenge invites to play against all NFL teams. You will begin by going against AFC teams. This will allow you to get football tokens and one hero token.

The second token comes from NFC challenges. You can use the tokens to get an 88 OVR Ultimate Kickoff Hero the NAT version. House Rules: Back to School is the other challenge. The rules are classic college overtime. Each team will attempt to score from the 25 yards line.

In case of a tie after an overtime session, another overtime period will begin. Starting with the third period, teams that manage to get a touchdown have to take a shot at a two point conversion until there is a winner. This challenge ends after one week.

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