How To Quickly Get NBA VC In NBA 2K21

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The coins within a game like NBA 2K21 are very important to build your team in NBA MyTEAM or improve your player in NBA MyCAREER, so many users spend a lot of their time looking for the best ways to generate Virtual Currency in the game to improve as quickly as possible.

As you may already know, there are tons of methods to earn VC in the game, so we’ve thoroughly researched which ones are the best to help you improve your playable experience.

Of course, if you want your progress in NBA 2K21 to be much faster, you will always have the option to buy NBA 2K MT Coins, you can acquire the amount of coins you need in a very short time by using this method, although you will have to pay real money to get your coins.


Methods to get CV faster in NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 app

Each new installment of the NBA 2K franchise is accompanied by its companion app that provides a few advantages to users and one of them is generating Virtual Currency with minimal effort.

For example, just by creating your in-game avatar and scanning your face using your phone you will receive a good amount of Virtual Currency that you can spend when you log into your console.

However, you will get the biggest slice of VC by playing the different mini-games that exist in the application. You should be attentive to each schedule of the minigames since they are activated by the hour, although the best news is that you will not even have to launch the game on your console to start to accumulate points, you can generate a lot of VC from wherever you are.


Jeff’s Arcade

There are two mini games that will be very helpful to you in Jeff’s Arcade, this venue is located in the Neighborhood area in MyCAREER mode. You will earn VC quickly there.

The other option is to take advantage of the Daily Picks trying to guess the winners of NBA matches in the real world, similar to what is a real bet.



Logically, the easiest and most natural way to collect VC in NBA 2K21 is playing games in MyCAREER mode, striving to win and accomplish as many achievements per game as possible.

Also, as you play you will unlock different sponsorships and incentives that will make you earn even more Virtual Currency, and the rewards also increase if you rise the difficulty of the matches, ideal for expert players who already know how to win in the most complicated situations.

Beyond all this tips, we must remember that generating VC in NBA 2K21 is a matter of patience and dedication, there is no magic trick to collect millions of coins in a single day, that’s why some players choose to buy NBA 2K MT Coins online.

NBA 2K21 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch & Stadia. The NBA 2K21 release date for next generation consoles PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S haven’t been confirmed yet. NBA 2K21 MyTeam coins are now available at MTStacks store.
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