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Travis Macy, professional marathon runner and author of Ultrathink, has drawn from his vast experience the following life guidelines to help you become champions.

The right mindset is key to your success

Prepare yourself, appreciate everything, tune in and give yourself the direction that you can do more than you think.

Don’t think in hindsight

Stop self-flagellation and scrolling in your head the same thing. Accept your choice and learn from it. No need to feel sorry for yourself.

Imitate People You Admire

Choose people who inspire you carefully. Study them and observe them.

Learn to adapt quickly

You need to be ready to adapt to the changed conditions, but at the same time, not to lose sight of the final goal.

Turn on the ego or push it away as appropriate

In Travis’s understanding, the ego is careful planning, a positive attitude, unbending firmness and self-confidence. Ego is a deep belief in yourself, based on hard work and resilience, the confidence that you can handle anything.

Make a commitment and leave yourself no choice! To get a boost of motivation and the right attitude, inspiration and confidence in yourself and your strengths, be sure to read all the ideas from the book “Ultrathinking” by Travis Macy!

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